Training for Puppies Under 5 Months Old

The Most Advanced Puppy Training Program Available

in Madison County

We’re doing things in puppy training that NO OTHER dog trainers are doing. Take a few minutes to read about the program below. If you’re interested in what you see, click the button and schedule your free consultation.

If you’ve got a puppy five months or younger you’re on the right page.

Let me first tell you that our puppy training is UNIQUE.

Sometimes it’s easier to explain what our puppy training ISN’T in order to explain what it is.

What it isn’t:

Nothing BASIC

NOT designed to just teach you a few things and hope your puppy does well upon entering adulthood

We’ve changed our puppy training program multiple times over the years.

Each time we’re looking to better serve our clients, better fill the needs of their puppies.

And we’ve arrived at one simple truth.

Most puppy training FAILS both owners and puppies.

You see, most puppy training is a few weeks long, costs a couple hundred bucks, and gets you the very basics.

There’s a problem, though…

Everyone WANTS far beyond basic!

They want that dog that listens off leash when they go to the park, hiking, or camping.

They want that dog who is perfectly well behaved when guests come over.

They want that dog who walks great on a leash, can be trusted off leash, doesn’t go potty in the house, doesn’t chew, and doesn’t bark or whine.

They want a REALLY well trained dog.

And you simply can’t get that with a basic puppy course that costs a couple hundred dollars.

We got together as a company and decided that we ONLY wanted to be known as the dog training company that gets the absolute best results for our clients.

And we realized we can’t do that by doing a basic puppy course.

Instead, our puppy training is designed as a primer course that leads to our tried and tested Reboot Your Dog in 60 Days Program.

You’ll start out by getting the foundation work done and then transition into that RYD60 program so that by the time you’re done your dog is completely trained on and off the leash with great manners.

A dog who listens to you.

A dog who is happily obedient.

And NONE of that can be accomplished with a basic puppy training class.

Our program is extensive. It’s not cheap. And it’s not for people out there looking for the basics.

It’s ONLY for people who want and do the best for their dog.

If that sounds like you, book a time for a free phone call on the calendar below.

We’ll discuss your goals and needs and then we’ll see if our program is a match.

Talk to you soon!